The Forever Leave

A political drama by Boris Johnson

The third season of Brexit is coming to its end at October 31. Although no fourth season is announced yet, the immense success of this political drama, and the intense tension, make it likely that the curtain has not fallen yet. In any case, we want to bring a toast to the best actors of the UK government and the beautiful set designers of the English and Scottish landscape on that date.
The party will take place in Hannover and I will provide some food and beer but further contributions are highly appreciated. In case you need any inspiration, this might help. If you require sleep in this sleepless night, we have arranged some sleeping accommodations (sofas and floors) at, and around, the party location.

When: Thursday, October 31, 2019
Where: Hannover
Who: You and all partner beings (regardless of the number) you'd like to bring with you

If you can make it, please send me a message with the number of guests you are bringing, your shoe size, and if you require a sleeping space. You will be recompensed with an exact location, a link to a food-organization etherpad, and a prediction about your shoe size on the exact Brexit date.
Christian Dietrich,